Nail the modern-day groom wedding look with this luxurious GTC- Exclusive Embroidered Groom Sherwani. It is crafted on Maroon Velvet fabric and exquisitely embellished with imperial embroidery and regal hand-beaded work on the collar, front-panel, sleeves and back-panel. The uniquely stylized design of the embroidery and hand-beaded work is intricately and meticulously detailed in a continuous motion throughout the Sherwani. The classic cut is symmetrically inclined. The blend of the design, work and color-scheme is an elegant marvel making this is a sure-shot winning luxurious ensemble to don on your special wedding day. It is paired with a maroon dhoti decked with gold lace that complements and completes the ensemble. Design-style & Color-scheme customizations available.



Style:- Exclusive Embroidered Groom Sherwani

Occasion:- Wedding

Material/Color:- Velvet / Maroon, Gold & Silver

Type of Work:- Embroidery & Hand-Beaded Work

Bottom Type/Color:- Dhoti / Maroon & Gold



- Exclusive Weddiing Sherwani

- Dhoti

- Turban

- Mojdi


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