This kingly GTC- Exclusive & Wedding Sherwani is an assemblage of grace & elegance. Finely fashioned on Art Jacquard Silk fabric and exquisitely embellished with Dark Maroon Velvet fabric and pure regal hand-beaded work on the collar, front-panel, sleeves and back-panel. The hand-beaded work is intricately and meticulouly detailed to make you look and feel like a king on your magnificent wedding day. The design resembles the artwork of the times of the kings on this planet. It renders grandeur and glory. It is accessorized with an imperial turban and mojdi decked with hand-beaded work to complete and complement the royal ensemble. It is paired with a maroon brijis. Design-style & Color-scheme customizations available.



Style:- Exclusive & Wedding Sherwani

Occasion:- Wedding

Material/Color:- Art Jacquard Silk & Velvet / Gold, Dark Maroon & Silver

Type of Work:- Hand-Beaded Work

Bottom Type/Color:- Brijis / Maroon



- Exclusive Weddiing Sherwani

- Brijis

- Turban

- Mojdi


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